Custom Solutions

Partner with us to gain access to leading-edge R&D and formulation expertise. MGK® can provide the resources you need to make an existing product more effective or develop a new differentiated custom insect control solution.

If speed to market is vital to solving your customer’s problem, the MGK Custom Solutions team can work with you to find the best solution from our portfolio of over 400 EPA registered labels.

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Shared Resources, Shared Expertise

MGK is an active industry partner. From our industry peers to our regulatory agency associates, we strive to cultivate positive business relationships, sharing information and expertise to make our industry better.

Our Partners

Trade Associations

MGK® actively participates in the following important trade associations that focus on industry support and find best practices for insect control.

RISE – Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
CPDA – Chemical Producers and Distributors Association
CLA – CropLife America
HCPA – Household and Commercial Products Association
NPMA – National Pest Management Association
AMCA – American Mosquito Control Association
OTA – Organic Trade Association
PPMA – Professional Pest Management Alliance

Task Forces

We are members in good standing of the following important industry joint ventures and task forces that educate and generate data to support our active ingredients at the EPA and other regulatory agencies.

PJV – Pyrethrins Joint Venture
PBTF II – Piperonyl Butoxide Task Force II
NDETF – Non-Dietary Exposure Task Force
SDTF – Spray Drift Task Force
ORETF – Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force
Permethrin Data Group II
CAPHRA – Council for the Advancement of Pyrethroid Human Risk Assessment
ETF – Efficacy Task Force